Gifts for Her Mother's Day

10 Unique & Free Mother’s Day Gifts that Will Be a Huge Hit

Mother’s Day shopping can be really, really hard…especially if you just don’t have the money for it.  This makes free Mother’s Day gift ideas a hot commodity…but luckily, they do exist!

All of these Mother’s Day ideas are completely free and something that just about any of us can do.

Sometimes, just remembering your mom on Mother’s Day is the first step, so don’t get too caught up in finding the money for it.

Give one of these ideas a try and see how it goes.  You may be pleasantly surprised to find that the free Mother’s Day gifts actually go over better than the expensive ones!

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These free Mother's Day gift ideas are the best way to celebrate your mom without breaking the bank.  They're also great Mother's Day gifts for a wife as well!

Recreate a Beloved Family Photo Shoot

This is one of the funnest and coolest free gift ideas for Mother’s Day and it pretty much always works.

Here’s what you do – you find a beloved and cherished childhood picture that you know your mom absolutely loves (YOU need to appear in this picture, of course).  If you have siblings and they’re in the photo too, even better!

Then, you do everything you can to try and recreate the same photo, only as your adult selves.

Wear similar clothes, make similar expressions!  If you can take the photo in the same spot, you’re really golden.

Even if you can’t afford a frame, this will be a really cute Mother’s Day gift that clearly took time, effort, and thought…and something they will definitely cherish forever!  

Write a Heartfelt Letter

A heartfelt, meaningful letter is far more valuable than anything you could possibly buy for your mom on Mother’s Day.

So sit down and spend some time actually writing a real letter – not something you buy from a store.

Thank them for things they’ve done, talk about things you remember, talk about how they changed you and influenced you.

So many of these things go unsaid and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to change that.

This is really one of the best free Mother’s Day gifts you can possibly find, so if you’re truly strapped for cash, this is the gift idea for you.  

Photos of the Grandkids

If you’re looking for a mother’s day gift for grandmothers, then great pictures of the grandkids are a perfect free gift idea that truly never gets old…and can be used year after year.  

You can arrange your own little photoshoot to make the pictures special and current.  

And for added cuteness, you can have your kids hold a sign that says We Love Grandma or something else that makes the picture even more meaningful.

Photos of Your Own Kids

If you’re looking for a free Mother’s Day gift for your wife, then do the same, but with your own kids!

Find a time when she’s not around to get some really adorable photos of the kids.

Try and make it cute and consider using the same sign idea as above – something that says We Love Mom!

If you’re able to capture some shots when she’s not around, then this will be a free Mother’s Day gift that will be priceless and a huge surprise.

Day Trip to a Museum

Quality time is something that is harder to come by than even money, so don’t discount the power of a fun day trip (or even just an afternoon).

Museums are perfect for this kind of gift idea because many of them are free and they’re something you don’t do often, so it always feels like a special occasion.

You may be pleasantly surprised by how many museums exist around you, so do some searching to see if there are undiscovered gems that would be new to both of you.  

Yard Work or Housework  

Don’t forget the unbelievable value of manual labor!

Housework and yard work is a fabulous free gift idea for Mother’s Day, whether it’s for your own mom or for your wife.

If you know exactly what they need done, then just do it as a surprise – that is always best!

But if you don’t know, or you want to do more than one thing, then this is a great time to create “coupons” that list specific things you will do and then they can decide exactly when they want it done.

If you’re trying to think of a free Mother’s Day gift for your wife, add watching the kids to the list!  A child-free night, morning, or day is worth its weight in gold.

Footprint Artwork from Baby

If you have a newborn or young baby in your life, then a great Mother’s Day gift for grandmothers or wives is footprint artwork using the baby’s foot.

There are a ton of really cute ideas that you can find on the internet that will give you inspiration for how to pull this off.

This can turn into a really beautiful and highly cherished piece of artwork that doesn’t cost a thing, but will hang on their wall forever!

Movie Night

Movie night is another really fun free gift idea for Mother’s Day that involves quality time and the nostalgia from when movie night was a regular thing!

Pick a movie that you know your mom or wife would love, or let them make the choice.

This is also a gift idea that can be given in coupon form, so they can decide exactly when they want it to happen.

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed is a classic Mother’s Day gift, but it doesn’t need to only come from young kids!

You can surprise any mother at any time with breakfast in bed and it will still be just as special.

Just remember…this isn’t a time for mom to be doing the dishes. 😉

Original Artwork

If you’ve been gifted with artistic genes, then this is a great time to create a masterpiece for your mother.

Paintings, sketches, even knitted or crocheted pieces will go over really well.

And even if you think you aren’t artistic, this could be the time to flex your muscles and see what you can come up with.  You might surprise yourself AND your mom!

Home-Cooked Dinner

A home-cooked meal is another classic Mother’s Day gift that really never gets old and is always appreciated.

Try and plan one of their favorite meals and have them over to celebrate the day with you.

This is something you can do every year and certainly something they will never forget.

I hope these unique and free Mother’s Day gifts help make the day special for your mom (and you).  Good luck with your shopping and planning!

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These free Mother's Day gifts are great ideas when you have a tight budget but still want to celebrate your mom!  They're unique gifts that will be even more memorable than expensive ones.