Father's Day Gifts for Him

Customizable All About Dad Questionnaire

Without a doubt, one of the cutest gift ideas for Father’s Day from young kids is an “All About Dad” questionnaire.  It’s almost a right of passage as far as Father’s Day gifts go!

This is also a free Father’s Day gift, which is a huge bonus, but really the best part about this idea is that it is sentimental, memorable, and usually really funny.  

There are a lot of fun questions you can use, so I’ve listed a lot of options below.  

Pick your favorite ones and create your own customized Father’s Day gift from the kids!

Or, if you don’t have time (or energy) to make your own, then scroll to the bottom and print out a free template.

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This printable All About Dad questionnaire is a great idea for a gift for Dad from the kids!  It's easy to put together and can make a great last-minute gift addition.

All About Dad Questions and Fill-in-the-Blanks

Here are some really fun questions that you can use to create your own All About Dad Questionnaire.  If you’re short on time, you can scroll to the bottom and print a template of one that uses some of these questions.  Good luck with your gift!

I love Daddy because ____________________.

Daddy’s favorite food is __________________.

Daddy likes to drink ___________________.

Daddy’s favorite color is __________________.

My favorite game to play with Daddy is ___________________.

Daddy is funny when he _________________________.

My favorite memory with Daddy was when ____________________________.

When Daddy grows up, he wants to be ___________________________.

If Daddy would travel anywhere, he would go to ___________________________.

Daddy’s best friend is ____________________________.

Daddy’s favorite TV show is ________________________.

Daddy’s favorite book to read is ___________________________.

When Daddy was a little boy, his favorite game was ________________.

How tall is Daddy? _____________________

How old is Daddy? _____________________

My favorite thing about Daddy is ______________________.

I love when Daddy makes me _______________________.

What I want to do most with Daddy is ____________________.

I can’t wait until Daddy and I can _______________________.

My favorite thing to help Daddy with is ______________________.

Printable All About Dad Questionnaire

If you want to quickly print an All About Dad questionnaire that used some of the questions above, you can do that by clicking the link below.  You can use it as is, glue it to some construction paper, put it in a frame, or have your little one decorate it with drawings and stickers!

Print “All About Dad” Questionnaire here

Happy Father’s Day!

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These customizable and printable All About Dad questions are the perfect gift for Dad from the kids!