Father's Day Gifts for Him

20+ Amazing Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is a FUN holiday, yet we still tend to wait until the very last minute to buy something special. Luckily, there are so many amazing last-minute Father’s Day gifts that we can still pull off something amazing!

Dads can be easy to shop for – clothes, food, drinks, and tech gadgets work for just about all of them.

For others, there’s some really easy hobbies to fall back on, or even new ones to try out.

No matter what you’re on the hunt for, at least one of these ideas is bound to work for you!

Good luck with your shopping and have a fabulous Father’s Day!

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These last-minute Father's Day gift ideas are perfect for long-distance gifts for dads or local!  Even if you're on the way to see your dad, there's something you can stop to grab for him.

2-Day Shipping (or Next Day) Father’s Day Gifts

If you’re an Amazon Prime kind of person and have 2 days (or even 1 if you’re willing to spring for 1-day shipping) before Father’s Day, then there’s a whole slew of options that you can get delivered to your (or your father’s) door.  

Here are some of the biggest winners that work for all dads:

Sentimental Dad Gifts

Tech Gadgets

Grilling Accessories

Fun Books for Dad

Long-Distance & Last-Minute Father’s Day Idea

The ultimate last-minute Father’s Day gift is definitely one of these subscription clubs.  

What’s so amazing is that they’re still really cool gift ideas AND they work really well for long-distance gift giving.

There are some really fun subscription clubs for men, but here are some of the best that work great for Father’s Day:

Need-to-Stop-on-the-Way-to-Dad’s Ideas

These are great last minute gift ideas if you want to stop on the way to your father’s house and want to give him something tangible, as opposed to a subscription club or gift certificate.

Picture with Frame

This is a classic that NEVER gets old and is as easy as sending over a great photo to Walgreens and then picking out a frame there when you pick up your picture (which should be able to easily print within an hour).

This is great for Dads, husbands, and grandfathers!

DIY Cocktail Kits

You can create a really cute “cocktail kit” all in your grocery store. Just pick the liquor and include all the fixings you would need.

Here are some classic cocktail combinations that are perfect for dads:

  • Bloody Mary – This can be a really fun one.  Grab a bottle of bloody mary mix (non-alcoholic) and pair it with a bottle of either plain vodka or vodka that is infused with jalapeno, pickle, or cucumber.  Then, you can add some fun garnishes like pickles, peppers, celery, olives, salts, or even shrimp!
  • Manhattan – This classic cocktail requires rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters, and maraschino cherries.  It’s a fun classic!
  • Moscow Mule – Moscow mules require a bottle of vodka, ginger beer (non-alcoholic), a lime, and mint.  If you can snag an actual mint plant that can be put into a pot, that’s a huge bonus! (And if you’ve got 2 days, here’s are fun moscow mule mugs that you can get on Amazon Prime to go with your gift)

**If you also have a place like Target near you, you may also be able to find cocktail glasses that match!

Mouth-Water Meat…and Dinner Fixings

This is a great idea if you’re planning on spending the afternoon and evening with your dad – pick up some really amazing steaks and plan on grilling or cooking dinner for your dad!

If your dad likes to cook or grill on his own too, then get some additional fun spices and or marinades as part of the gift that he can use later.

All About Dad Printable Questions

If you need a Father’s day gift from little kids, an All About Dad printable is the best and easiest last-minute addition to their Father’s Day gift!

The questionnaire will ask your child questions about their dad – what’s his favorite food? Why do you love him so much? – and they’ll answer in their own words.

Which we all know is soooo adorable!

This is a fun and easy Father’s Day gift from the kids.

You can get a free printable here – All About Dad Questionnaire Printable

Crafts with the Kids the Day Before Father’s Day Ideas

If you’ve got little ones running around and want to make a gift for either your husband (from the kids) or your own dad (from the grandkids), then you’re in luck because there are sooooo many cute ideas out there and a lot of them can be done the day before or even the morning of if you’re really lucky.

Here are some quick and easy Father’s Day crafts to do with the kids:

I hope these last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas help make your day special.  Enjoy the weather and time with family!

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These last minute Father's Day gifts are the perfect idea for your dad if you only have a couple of days before you'll see him!