Easter Gifts for Kids

The Most Adorable Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Easter Basket

Your baby’s first Easter basket is SUCH a fun and exciting gift to put together for your newborn or young toddler!  It’s such a low-key holiday that a lot of the stress that often accompanies holidays just isn’t there…and spring and summer are coming!  

This makes for some really fun and special gift ideas for your baby’s first Easter basket.  Even though they’re really young, there are a lot of fun things that they (and you) will really enjoy.

So enjoy this time!  Here are some fun ideas to get you started with your holiday shopping:

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Coming up with filler ideas for your babys first Easter basket is something you will remember forever!  There are so many cute gift ideas for newborns and infants and Easter is the perfect time to spoil them. :)

Stuffed Bunny

Every Easter basket needs an adorable stuffed bunny!  And obviously, your baby’s first Easter basket is no exception.  

These stuffed rabbits are super soft and really adorable.  It’s something that they will be able to play with for years to come.

You can also get a really cute personalized Easter bunny that will come with your baby’s name on the ear.  That will definitely be a keepsake to hold onto for a while!

Pat the Bunny

There are a lot of adorable Easter books for babies, but none are as classic and loved as Pat the Bunny.

This is definitely one of the best “first books” to have for your child because it incorporates all of their senses – they can feel things, hear things, see things, and even smell things!

This is a book that they will enjoy over and over and over again…and the fact that it features a bunny just makes it even more perfect!

Winkel Rattle

The Winkel rattle is another classic baby toy that never gets old.  

The shape and flexibility make it really easy and fun for your baby to hold onto (something that this toy will also help them learn to do!).

It also doesn’t make any noise or require any batteries, which is a huge plus for baby toys.

This is a fun Easter basket filler for newborns and young babies because it’s a fun toy for them, not just an accessory.


It’s picture time!  If you haven’t already attempted your own adorable photo shoots with your baby girl in a tutu, now is the time!

These tutus are so cute and fun and make perfect Easter basket fillers for newborns.

They come with adorable matching headbands too, which is something you can use even without the tutu.

Bow Tie

Don’t forget the boys!  They can be just as fun in a photo shoot and a little bow tie set is the best way to do that.

If you’re new to having boys, you’ll soon discover that shopping for boy accessories is just as fun as girls.  There’s a whole world of bow ties, suspenders, and adorable hats that will completely make you melt.

Discovery Book

This Discovery Book was the first toy that my children ever took interest in, which made it a really exciting Easter basket addition!

There’s not much to it (because they don’t need much), but each page makes noise and has a bright and happy character looking back.

It also is able to attach to a car seat, which makes it a fun thing to distract them with while you’re driving.

Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe is possibly the baby world’s most popular teether, so if your baby didn’t get this already, now’s a perfect time!

The allure of Sophie seems to be that there are just so many appendages for your baby to hold onto and chew on – the head, neck, legs, and body are all different and sturdy on their own.

And for added pleasure, it squeaks for them. 😉

Rattle Socks

Rattle socks are so adorable and perfect for babies that have discovered how cool their own feet are!

If you don’t like the idea of little rattles constantly going off, there are also some really cute socks that don’t make noise (these are the ones in the picture), but are just as exciting for your little one to play with.

This can be really fun for them and may be one of the first “toys” they get into.

Hungry Caterpillar Activity Toy

The Hungry Caterpillar Activity Toy is another great first toy that will keep your baby mesmerized for longer than you can believe.

There are so many different things going on with the caterpillar that they’ll be able to enjoy it over and over again.

And this is another great toy that can attach to a car seat, so it’s a great distraction for your baby while you’re driving.

Baby’s First Bathing Suit

Few things are cuter than your baby’s first bathing suit…and there’s no better place for that to turn up than their first Easter basket!

You can opt for a really adorable design or one that’s more practical (and will provide more coverage).

When there’s long sleeves, they usually incorporate SPF so you don’t need to worry about too much sunscreen.

And, of course, don’t forget that baby boys have adorable bathing suits too!  Just as with the girls, the more coverage, the more protection from the sun!

If your baby is on the older side and is likely to be in the water, then another great Easter basket idea is to add water diapers…you will definitely need to start getting familiar with those!

Sun Hat

Whether or not you opt for your baby’s first bathing suit, a sun hat is a great idea to add to their first Easter basket!

Sun hats are not just practical, they’re totally adorable…and if you plan on being out in the sun, you will really want to try and get your baby used to a hat.

Luckily, there are a ton of cute options…for both boys and girls!  

So you can’t go wrong with this Easter basket addition.

Baby Sunscreen

Summer is coming!  You’ll undoubtedly want to take your baby outside and will also undoubtedly stress about the sun.  So a good, natural baby sunscreen is a great idea to add to your baby’s first Easter basket.

There are a ton of sunscreen options out there for baby’s, but this is one of the best.

Puffs & Squeezables

Don’t forget the obvious!  If you want some edible goodies in your baby’s first Easter basket, opt for some puffs and squeezables.  

There’s a ton of varieties and pretty much every baby LOVES puffs and squeezables.  

It’s an easy win!

I hope these ideas for Baby’s First Easter Basket helped spark some excitement for your upcoming holiday.  Enjoy every minute of it! It’s such a wonderful and special time.

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These gift ideas for baby's first easter basket will make your holiday so special and fun!  There are a lot of cute ideas for newborns and infants, so filling their Easter basket will be something you will always remember!
These are the best Easter basket ideas for babies that will make their first Easter memorable and special!
These Easter basket ideas for newborns and infants will make your holiday so fun and special!