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The Best Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers (that don’t involve candy!)

Coming up with the best Easter basket fillers for my kids has always been one of my favorite Springtime activities.  Whether it’s the feel of summer right around the corner or just the Easter bunny magic, I just can’t get enough. So needless to say, these Easter basket ideas for toddlers (that aren’t candy) have been brewing in my mind for a while.

There’s a ton of inexpensive Easter basket filler ideas, so you can definitely do this on a budget, but it’s also a great opportunity to splurge on the things you’re already going to need to get for them – shoes, socks, and even pajamas.  It can actually become a really fun tradition to get some fun Easter socks every year! 😉

So hopefully these non-candy toddler Easter basket ideas work for you!  Have a great holiday and good luck with any shopping!

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These toddler Easter basket ideas will make your job as Easter bunny so much fun!  All of them are non-candy alternatives that will get your little boy or girl really excited!

Stuffed Easter Bunny

What would a toddler Easter basket be without a stuffed bunny?  

There are tons of cute options, but this brand tends to be at the top of the pack every single year.

You can also opt for a personalized stuffed bunny with your child’s name on it, which will be a really fun keepsake to look back on!

This is a great Easter basket idea for toddlers!  You can’t go wrong with this one.

Sidewalk Chalk

Get ready to spend a ton of time outside with this sidewalk chalk!

This is definitely one of the best Easter basket ideas for toddlers because (most importantly) they’ll have a ton of fun with it, but also it’s so easy to clean up, not very expensive….and IT GETS THEM OUTSIDE.  Nothing beats that!

Bubbles (And If You Want to Go Big….A Bubble Machine!)

This is another fun way to get your kids outside and a perfect Easter basket idea for toddlers – bubbles!

There are some really inexpensive bubble sets that can easily be added to an Easter basket, but if you want to be Easter Bunny Supreme this year, consider getting a bubble machine.

They actually aren’t that expensive, but what really makes them amazing is what they’re able to do – blow a solid stream of bubbles towards your toddler for hours on end.

If you ask me, this is truly one of the most amazing toddler innovations over the last decade (WHERE was this when I was a kid?!?).


Toddlers LOVE sippy cups and Lollacups are definitely the best toddler cups I’ve ever come across.

Aside from being adorable, the cap keeps them from spilling so you can keep them in your diaper bag and there’s a weight at the bottom of the straw which helps your toddler get water even if there’s only a tiny bit left.

These are a really cute addition to any toddler Easter basket AND really practical (you’ll love it as much as your toddler).

Snack Catcher Cups

Snack catcher cups are total lifesavers for not just toddlers, but also their parents (even my 5-year old still loves using his in the car or long stroller runs).

These cups make it easy for them to eat a snack without spilling everywhere.  

THEY’RE BRILLIANT…and another great Easter basket idea for toddlers! You can also get them in pink and orange for girls.

Easter Books for Toddlers

Every toddler Easter basket needs some cute books and luckily there are a lot of great options. Here are some of the best toddler books that are a good fit for Easter and spring (that your toddler will absolutely love):

Toddler Necklace

My 2-year old daughter got this necklace in her stocking this year and absolutely loved it, so it’s a great Easter basket idea for toddler girls!

The elastic lets them put it over their own head easily enough and it’s a cute mix between pretend and real-looking, so if they want to wear it out, you won’t be totally embarrassed. 😉


Trains, trains, trains. Every toddler needs some trains in their life, but especially little boys.

If they haven’t been exposed to trains yet, then this is a great time to give them a little starter set of Brio tracks.

But the most important addition to their Easter basket is a train or two (so they can play with connecting them).

Here are some of the cutest trains to start with:

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Play Keys

For young toddlers, these play keys are the absolute best gift ever!

They’re as close as a toy can come to the real thing, with buttons that beep and even a little light.

This is a fun one that will definitely distract them.  It’s a must-have in the diaper bag. 😉


There’s nothing cuter than a toddler in sunglasses and their Easter basket is the perfect place to find their first (or second) pair.

Aside from being cute, getting your toddler in the habit of wearing sunglasses is actually a good thing – their eyes need just as much protection as ours!

Bath Crayons

I love bath time and my toddlers love bath time, so I’m a huge fan of making it one of the funnest events of the day and bath crayons are an easy way to do that.  

Luckily, there are some really fun bath toys that are inexpensive and thus, make really amazing Easter basket fillers for toddlers!

And of course, the first bath toy to make bath time more fun are bath crayons!  These wash off really easily and it’s a great place for your toddler to practice their artistic skills.

Bath Dropz

Bath Dropz change the color of bath water to whatever your toddler would like.

These are so much fun and also become a great way to teach your toddler about mixing colors.  At first, they’ll get a huge kick out of seeing red water change to purple when you add blue. It’s adorable!

These are another fun non-tech Easter basket filler.

Bath Books

My last (but favorite) bath toy addition to toddler Easter baskets – bath books!

My kids LOVE their bath books, so they’re a great toy to have, both to learn new words and then eventually to read themselves!

These books are all waterproof, so they’re truly meant for the tub and most of them change colors when they get wet, so there’s an extra element of fun for your little one.

Toddler Figurines

I can’t tell you how many times I looked at one of my toddlers and saw one of these figurines in their hands.  They absolutely love them!

These types of little figures are huge favorites for toddlers and they make the most adorable Easter basket fillers.

Daniel Tiger was the favorite in my family, but there are other cute options too.  Here are some other popular choices:

New Spring or Summer Shoes

Since the beginning of my Easter basket days, I’ve always included a pair of new spring or summer shoes!  

You already need to get your toddler new shoes (like, every 3 months…), so this is a great chance to get a really adorable pair and not feel so guilty about it!

For toddlers, here are some really fun ideas for shoes in their Easter basket:

  • Robeez (these are AWESOME for new walkers and so unbelievably adorable)
  • Crocs (seriously nothing is cuter than a miniature croc…and you can get a matching pair!)
  • Toms (ok, maybe one thing beats the cuteness factor of miniature Crocs…miniature Toms…that MATCH mom and dad!)

Of all the toddler Easter baskets that I’ve done, I’ve used every kind of shoe I listed and they all were a huge hit. You really can’t go wrong here!


Magnets are a must for every toddler, so they make great Easter basket fillers!

You can use them on the fridge, dishwasher, trash can, and even the washer and dryer…so they end up not only being fun for your toddler, but also a great distraction while you’re getting things done (and it just looks adorable).


If you have a little girl, then get ready because every single occasion should include some bows!

Without a doubt, my favorite bows are these.  They come in a ton of colors and styles and they’re not too large, so they’re perfect for toddlers.

These will definitely be showing up in my daughter’s Easter basket!


Stickers are a great toddler Easter basket filler because they’re inexpensive, easy to fit in, and most importantly, toddlers love stickers!

There are so many different stickers to choose from, but here are some cute options for Easter baskets:


I LOVE giving socks as gifts!  Luckily, my kids love receiving socks as gifts, so they’re always so excited when the Easter Bunny picks out a pair just for them.

There are a lot of fun, really cute sock options for kids, but here are my all-time favorites:


Toddlers are definitely old enough to start falling in love with arts and crafts, so it’s time to get them their first set of crayons!

You can always opt for the classic set, but there are also some really fun chunky versions that are easier for toddlers to use.  

I hope these toddler Easter basket ideas help make your Easter really special and fun!  Have a great spring and enjoy your family time!

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These Easter basket ideas for toddlers will make you the world's best Easter bunny this year!  All of these toddler Easter basket fillers are non-candy and affordable.  They'll make an adorable basket!
These Easter basket ideas for toddlers are the best way to start your Easter morning!  Nothing is more fun than putting together a toddler Easter basket, so enjoy it!