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The Best Easter Basket Ideas for 5-Year Old Boys

It’s hard to choose a favorite holiday when you’ve got a 5-year old boy, because every single one of them is such a joy!  But Easter is certainly up there and coming up with the best Easter basket ideas for 5-year old boys is a really fun task (at least, for me it is! ;-)).

They’re active, they’re exploratory, maybe a little destructive, definitely very silly, but most importantly, really excited to see what the elusive Easter bunny brought for them.

So I hope these Easter basket ideas help you create the best Easter morning for your little 5-year old!

Happy Easter, and enjoy your holiday!

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These Easter basket fillers for 5-year old boys will be a huge hit with your kids this year!


For some reason, flashlights are so much fun for little boys and 5-year olds are no exception!

They will undoubtedly play with their flashlight in dark rooms, tents, or even just under blankets, but they’re also really great additions for them to have at night as they get better and better at sleeping in their own room and/or in the dark.


5-year old boys are explorers by nature, so binoculars are a really fun toy that they will get a ton of use out of!

They’re fun for make-believe, but are also practical and 5-year olds are definitely old enough to start using them properly.

They’re also a great way to get them playing outside on their own, which makes them a great Easter basket idea!

Magnifying Glass

If you’re going with the binoculars and exploration is in your 5-year old’s repertoire, then a magnifying glass is the perfect addition to their Easter basket.

These will be a ton of fun outside and are also an inexpensive option, which makes them a great choice as a Easter basket filler.

Monster Spray

Monster spray is one of my favorite gift ideas for boys and was, by far, one of my own 5-year old son’s favorite gifts of the year.

The concept is simple yet brilliant – your little boy gets to spray the Monster Spray wherever he thinks monsters may show up. It could be under the bed, in the closet, behind the dresser…it doesn’t really matter because the spray is “effective” everywhere. 😉

So what happens then?  Well, your 5-year old boy can sleep soundly knowing that he eliminated any possibility of monsters showing up.

It’s a great addition to bedtime routines and really adorable…which of course makes it an excellent Easter basket filler for 5-year old boys!

Easter LEGO Sets

LEGO sets are a classic for 5-year old boys and almost always a favorite.  

They’re also great non-technology toys for them to play with that work their brain in amazing ways.  And since there are some really adorable Easter LEGO sets, they make fabulous Easter basket fillers for 5-year old boys!

Here are some of the cutest ones to try out:

Summer Shoes

Summer shoes are an absolute must for a 5-year old boy’s Easter basket!  

Really anything that gets them excited for summer has a place in their basket and shoes will obviously do that.  

Plus, you’re going to need to buy a whole bunch of new sets for them, so why not put the cutest in their basket?

There are a lot of fun options for summer shoes for boys, but here are some of the best to consider:

Beach Toys

If you’re a beach-going family, then beach toys definitely need to turn up in your 5-year old boy’s Easter basket!

The beach is such a fun time for them and one of the best ways to keep them active for every minute they’re out there.  And best of all, they’re finally starting to get old enough to step away from the sand castle and start playing with some new toys.

So if you don’t already have these, consider these fun beach toys for your little boy’s Easter basket:

  • Velcro Ball TossThis velcro ball toss is such a fun classic and will really help them learn to throw and catch.
  • Flying RingsThese flying rings are like a frisbee, but weigh less and are easier to use.
  • Boogey BoardA boogey board may not actually fit in their basket, but it will definitely get them excited!

Water Guns

Water guns are great Easter basket fillers for 5-year old boys for so many reasons.

First and foremost, they’re a ton of fun for them.  

But they’re also a great way to get them outside and running around, as well as an inexpensive toy to include in the basket (which is a huge plus for obvious reasons!).

And if they’ve got siblings, neighbors, or friends, this is one of those toys that everyone can have fun with.

Brain Flakes

Brain Flakes are an amazing and fun toy for 5-year old boys that bridges LEGOS and blocks, yet is still completely different.

The “flakes” connect is various ways to build different fun structures.  Because of their shape, it’s much easier to build round objects like balls and ferris wheels.

This is something my son has played with again and again!  It’s a great non-tech, STEM activity, which makes it a fabulous Easter basket idea for 5-year old boys.

Outdoor Balls

Don’t overlook the obvious!  Anything that pulls your little boy outside is a great idea and nothing provides more entertainment than a good old fashioned ball.

5-year olds are growing fast, so now is the perfect time to get them various balls for different purposes – so assess what they have and expand their collection!

Here’s what you should consider:

Arts and Crafts

Easter baskets are one of the best occasions for more arts and crafts!

5 is a fun year and arts and crafts take up a huge part of their time in preschool or kindergarten, so it’s something they’re proud of and start to feel passionately about.

There are a lot of arts and craft supplies to choose from, but here are some good ideas for 5-year old boys:

I hope these Easter basket ideas for 5-year old boys work their way into your home and make your Easter morning extra special!  Enjoy the time with your family. Happy Easter!

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These are the absolute best Easter basket ideas for 5-year old boys that you can find anywhere!