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The Best Gifts for 2-Year Old Boys

Finding the best gifts for 2-year old boys is easier said than done!  Sure, they’re excited to play with just about anything, but they only get really excited when you find that perfect something. That special gift that they focus on for hours on end.  Or the kind of gift that instantly teaches them something new.

And that’s exactly what these gifts are. The ones that will make your little boy happier than ever. And some that will last for years to come.

So are you ready to make your shopping easy?  Here’s where to start if you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for a 2-year old boy:

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These gift ideas for 2-year old boys will be such a hit!  Some are classics, some are brand new, but all will be loved by your toddler!

Tool Bench

One of the absolute coolest gifts for 2-year old boys is this pretend tool bench.

It is full of so many things to keep them busy, including a saw and drill that both make noises when used.

There are tons of other little screws and tools to be used too, so this gift will provide endless distractions (and honestly, it’s just adorable!).

Bubble Machine

I will never get over the brilliance of the bubble machine.  Why did this take so long to develop? Where was this when I was a child?

Nothing – and I mean nothing – is as exciting (for both parent and child) than walking outside and turning on the beloved bubble machine.  

This thing will create SO many bubbles!  And it just never stops.

This is a ton of fun for 2-year old boys and will be exciting for years and years.

Block Truck

This block truck is such a fun classic and was loved by both of my 2-year olds.

The whole thing is wooden and doesn’t require any batteries, bells, or whistles (which is a huge plus!).

What’s great though is that there are so many different things that your 2-year old boy will do with this truck.

Obviously it can be pushed around, but he will also be able to practice stacking the blocks onto the truck, on their own, and even learning the letters, numbers, and colors that are on the block.

This is one of my favorite 2-year old boy gifts!  It’s a fan favorite.

Cookie Jar

This cookie jar has been an obsession for every single 2-year old I’ve ever known – a total obsession.

The concept is pretty simple – you fit the cookies into the jar! But somehow that simple concept is EXACTLY what they’re looking for.

This is an easy win for toddlers and it isn’t very expensive, so it’s a great gift idea for 2-year old boys.

Cozy Coup

The Cozy Coup is a true classic that every 2-year old boy deserves to have in his life.  We know this because they started selling this thing in the 80’s and it’s still a huge hit!

What’s wonderful about the Cozy Coup is that even if they’re too young to push themselves around in it, they’ll spend hours just opening the door and sitting inside it…then getting out and repeating the process!

This is a great gift idea for 2-year old boys.  If they don’t already have it, you can’t go wrong here.

Toddler Books for 2-Year Old Boys

Books are perfect gifts for toddler boys.  They love the ones that are interactive and simple and will finally sit with you and “read” along.

There are a ton of amazing toddler books, but here are some of the best for 2-year old boys that you just can’t go wrong with:

  • Dear Zoo.  This was one of my son’s favorite books as a toddler. It’s simple, but with little flaps that they open, which is the most exciting thing ever for them. This is a classic favorite of toddlers everywhere.
  • First 100 Trucks.  All of the First 100 books are amazing, but First 100 Trucks is especially addictive to 2-year old boys and you’ll be shocked how much YOU learn about trucks!  This is another classic all toddler boys should have.
  • Ditty Bird Children’s Songs.  This book is so cool that I can’t believe there aren’t more like it (and trust me, I’ve searched everywhere).  It actually sings the songs to your child! The songs they choose are great and your 2-year old will have a blast learning to sing along.

Latch & Lock Board

This latch board is such a brilliant idea and is another toy that will keep your 2-year old boy captivated for quite a while.

It’s almost like a puzzle, accept instead of putting pieces together, your toddler needs to learn how to use each latch or lock.  Some are easier than others, which is great, because they will sit for the longest time just opening and closing, opening and closing…over and over and over.

It’s a great gift idea for 2-year olds that need less bells and whistles and more quiet play time.

Magnet Board

Arts and crafts are right around the corner for 2-year old boys, and while those will be a lot of fun, they can be seriously messy.  Which is why you need…the amazing magnet board.

This magnet board is such a fun idea for 2-year old boys and they will LOVE it.  

It’s an old classic, so you may remember variations from when you were a child, but basically they can draw with a special pen (or magnet tiles) and then “erase” really easily with the flip of a switch.  There is absolutely no mess involved and they will love both the drawing and erasing components.

This is also an amazing toy to have in the car (and conveniently, this set actually comes with a travel version!).

This is a really fun toddler gift idea!  You can’t go wrong with this one.

Mega Bloks

Mega Bloks are an absolute must for 2-year old boys, so if they don’t already have a set, now is definitely the time.  

This is a classic toy that will distract them for hours and as they grow, their creations will get more complex, whether it be the size or height of their structure or the colors they choose to use.  

Brio Train Set

My son’s life was changed forever when he was given his first Brio train tracks on his second birthday.  Little did we know that he would become absolutely obsessed with trains for…well, forever.

There is no better gift for 2-year old boys than their first train set!  Brio tracks are the ones to get because they are compatible with most train, including Thomas & Friends.

They’re also wooden, which is a nice change of pace from the plastic toys that seem to overwhelm the market these days.  


Whether your little one is getting Brio tracks or not (but especially if they are), trains are a fabulous gift for 2-year old boys!

The hands down winner of all-things-train is Thomas the Train, who conveniently comes with about 500 friends and accessories!  But there are also some generic classic trains that are compatible with Thomas and Brio and are a great way to fill out your 2-year old’s collection.

If you go the train route, here are some of the best to consider:

Kiwi Crates

Kiwi Crates are a really fun idea for 2-year old boys if you don’t want to get them more “stuff.”  What they are is a subscription club that sends your toddler an activity and/or craft every single month that is 100% age appropriate and includes all the supplies you could need.

I was very skeptical about these before I tried, but I’m telling you, they’re AWESOME. It’s such a fun rainy day activity and they really have figured out how to be perfectly age appropriate (I’ve done these for my kids at all ages).  I save them for weekends when I know I’ll have the kids all day and they’re GREAT!

Egg Carton

This egg carton is one of those silly gifts that you can’t believe will be a huge hit, but IT WILL BE.

Toddlers love to dump things out, then put them away, dump things out, then put them away.  But what is so amazing about this egg carton set is that it has another little trick – your little toddler can “crack” the egg open and then has to match them correctly to put them back   together.

This is a great gift for 2-year old boys that will definitely keep them distracted for a while.

Toddler Tent for 2-Year Old Boys

A tent is such an easy and fun gift idea for 2-year old boys and almost feels like a right of passage.  

There are a lot of cute tent ideas out there, but here are some of the most popular (and adorable) to consider:

Foam Bath Stickers

There are lots of fun bath toys for 2-year old boys, but definitely the most fun (and critical bath toy) are foam bath stickers!

My toddlers could both play with these until the water was so cold they couldn’t bear it any more.  There are a couple sets (we have ALL of them), so make your pick! They’re all a lot of fun, so you really can’t go wrong:

Clothes and Shoes

Clothes, clothes, clothes!  Clothes may not seem like a lot of fun for the 2-year old (though some DO get really excited!), but they are SO wonderful for the parent and SO necessary because these toddlers grow so fast.

So clothes and shoes are always a great gift idea for 2-year old boys and there are a lot of fun options that you can go with.  Here are some of my all-time favorites:

  • Pajamas – My kids LOVE wearing their pajamas!  The cutest boy pajamas we’ve come across are definitely from Hatley, with Kickee Pants being a close second.  Carters also makes great (and affordable) fleece footed pajamas that have a lot of fun patterns.
  • Socks – Cheap, easy, fun, and every kid needs them!  My go-to socks for all of my kids are EZ Sox. They have these adorable little loop handles that help the kids learn to put their own socks on. And they come in really fun patterns.
  • Slippers – Slippers are an easy win for toddlers because they’re so much fun!  These are my current favorite slippers (because how cute are they???), but if your 2-year old has a favorite character or “thing”, then search for that and I bet you’ll find it!
  • Rain boots – Seriously, nothing is more adorable than a toddler in rain boots!  You can get really adorable Hunter boots for 2-year olds (these are the real deal), or some really adorable (and much more affordable) rain boots right off of amazon.
  • Clothes – And of course, lets not forget the outfits they need to be wearing everyday!  The type of clothes you can get for them really run the gamut, but if you want something really adorable start with Janie and Jack. For things more affordable and “play-like”, start with Carters.  And for that happy medium right in between, I’d recommend Baby Gap.

I hope these 2-year old boy gifts help with your shopping and special occasion!  This is such a fun age, so no matter what you do, I’m sure you’ll have a blast. Savor every moment of it!

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These are the best gifts for 2-year old boys that you can find anywhere.  These toddler gifts will make your little one so excited and more importantly, will be a great learning experience and distraction for them!